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Sex Offenders

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South Dakota's Codified Laws pertaining to Sex Offenses can be found in Chapter 22-22.

22-22-40. Registration records and lists as public records -- Confidentiality of victim identifying information. Registration records collected by local law enforcement agencies pursuant to this chapter, registration lists provided to local law enforcement by the Division of Criminal Investigation, and records collected by institutions pursuant to § 22-22-38 for those persons required to register under the provisions of § § 22-22-30 to 22-22-39, inclusive, are public records as provided in chapter 1-27. Nothing in this section allows the release of the name or any identifying information regarding the victim of the crime to any person other than law enforcement agencies, and such victim identifying information is confidential.

22-22-41. Penalties for crime committed as result of information from sex offender registry. Any person who commits any crime as a result of information gained through the sex offender registry or through public information kept pursuant to § 22-22-40 is guilty of a Class 6 felony. Such liability is in addition to any other civil or criminal penalties.

Lake County Sex Offender Map 
 South Dakota Sex Offender Registry 
 National Sex Offender Public Registry  

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* Lives within Madison City Limits

Anderson, Treton*
Baker, Anthony *
Beldin, Rodney *
Berglund, Jaxon*
Britt, Soloman *
Christie, Nicholas *
Dachtler, Gregory *
Dusterhoft, Leo *
Frye, Jason 
Hawk, Thomas *
Johnson, Travis *
Jones, Steve *
Kooiker, Michael
Lee, Scott
Leighton, Michael *
Libbett, Brandon* 
Lloyd, Wayne
Long, Daniel *

Maxwell, Rogar* 
McKinney, Jerald *
Moothart, Charles *
Murphy, Andrew* 
Natwick, Eric*
Napp, David* 
Nordland, Jackson *
Olson, Richard
Pierce, Clinton*
Reno, Timothy *
Rieck, Nathan
Schmidt, Harry
Simmons, Jerald*
Souhrada, David *
Verhey, Kevin *
Webster, Joseph*
Willis, Keith
Zingmark, Chase *

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