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Latest Documents


Ordinance No 1589 Supplemental Appropriations

City Commission Agendas

01 11 21

Business Improvement District

March 30, 2021

Business Improvement District

May 25, 2021

City Commission Minutes

July 6, 2020

Community Center Board Minutes

April 16, 2020

Community Center Board Agendas

June 18, 2020

Planning Commission Minutes

May 12, 2020

Parks & Recreation Board Agendas

June 9, 2020

Board of Adjustments Minutes

April 14, 2020

Airport Board Minutes

February 18, 2020

Library Board Minutes

February 18, 2020

Parks & Recreation Board Minutes

January 14, 2020

Employee Forms

2020 Reimbursement Voucher

Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment Agendas

October 8, 2019

Airport Board Agendas

August 20, 2019

Library Board Agendas

August 20, 2019


Resolution No. 2019-01 - A Resolution to Approve A Re-Plat (Tract A of Lots 1 and 2, Sinclair Addition)

City Parks

Picnic Table Rental Agreement

CC Wellness Studio


Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 1 - History


Notice of Summary of Madison Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Drainage Basin Storage/Soil Erosion Prevention Study

Hazard Grant Mitigation Letter

Applications & Forms

Alcohol Consumption Permit



Sidewalk Committee Agendas

October 20, 2016

Energy Advisory Committee Agendas

October 11, 2016

Energy Advisory Committee Minutes

May 3, 2016

Sidewalk Committee Minutes

October 8, 2015

Water Advisory Committee Agendas

January 26 2015

Water Advisory Committee Minutes

September 2, 2014

Current Board Openings

One city board currently has an open seat. Click for more info and to get involved!

Restricted Use Site - Hours of Operation

Restricted Use Site - Summer Hours

Sump Pump Notice

Starting April 1st, all residents with sump pumps must route them outside. Click for more details.

Mosquito Season

The Madison Parks Department would like to remind residents that the threat of mosquitoes is underway. Crews will begin their spraying efforts this week, weather permitting. Click for more information.